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Copperhead Carvings
Chainsaw / Power Carvings

Here u will find bears from small to tall, black and brown, and even short and round!

Eagles, owls, & penquins.......
Lighthouses,mushrooms,pumpkins,seahorse, rattlesnake, dolphins etc.......
benches, coffee table, signs, etc.......
Video clips on carving. Coming soon.
Log furniture coming soon! if you have old rustic looking furniture that needs a new life w/ a carved image give me a holler. I will have pics up soon.
If u have trees that u would like to get rid of give me a holler. I prefer to get em free or even give a deal on a carving for them. I will take just about anything. My fav. is catalpa, sassafrass. I also will take pine, american linden (basswood), oaks, cherry etc. If u delivery them to me i will give a better deal, i'm usually pretty busy sometimes its hard for me to pick them up. any questions call me up.

here are some pics of places that i've set up..

First of all I want to give a gigantic thank you to my fiance erica and my daughter brooklyn, for allowing me to be able to interupt family time to do this. They sacrifrice alot for me, they don't have to but they do and i'm very blessed to have them in my life.
 I also would like to thank some more people:
 Chris (eggbert) Brown for everything you have done for me i don't think i could ever do enough to pay you back!
 Rod for helping deliver some off my harder carvings that i couldn't move by myself.
 Greg for also helping move and setup carvings and events.
 Julie Potter for allowing me to setup on weekends at Main Event to help get my name out there.
 And for everyone that let me setup and got me to demo, and also everyone who bought my carvings Thank You very much.
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